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Science & Technology Publishing Program (STPP)

 Scholarly Publications Database (SPD)

  Amongst the many activities of the Science & Technology Publishing Program, one of its main features is the Scholarly Publications Database (SPD).

 This database has been recently established in 2023 by the Science & Technology Publishing Program (STPP) at the National Scientific and Technical

  Information Center (NSTIC) in KISR. It was Developed by NSTIC in collaboration with the Information & Communication Technologies Department

  (ICTD), and the Project Management Office (PMO), the database aims to cover all the bibliographic information for KISR scientific journal papers

that have been published in peer-reviewed journals with issued KISR number, as well as conference papers as an output of KISR projects. 

Note: The database covers journal papers published from the year 2020 onwards, and conference papers published from the year 2022 onwards.